Listen to your customer feedback. Access to 9X detailed data

Get Audio and Video responses from your visitors so they can interact faster with your requests and turn them into Customers.

Very simple very effective

Obtain the real value of your investments with RecRam by effectively obtaining valuable data with details.

Listen to Your Customers!

Collect Audio Feedback from All Sources for Your Customers!

Impressive Video Feedback!

Enhance Your Buying Experience with Video Feedback!

Ask timely questions.

Get Responses from Your Target Audience with Smart Triggers!

Explore Video Templates

Create interactive feedback using template videos. Utilize ready-made templates for quick and impressive feedback.

Smart Filtering for Grouping Notification

Filter and group incoming notifications intelligently. Use an intelligent classification system to easily find and manage important feedback.

Get feedbacks in just a few minutes

Get Fast Audio and Video Feedback

Get fast and effective audio and video feedback from your customers. Gather valuable insights to improve your business and enhance customer satisfaction.

Courses, Events, Q&A and Much More

Take steps towards success by hearing the voice of your customers! Listen to your feedback carefully and access detailed data about the customer experience. Now, you can engage in fast and interactive communication with your visitors.

It's not just a survey. All together

Go beyond audio and video feedback for fast, actionable data analysis on your website. Easily integrate and customize interactions with customers for meaningful insights.

Prepare and publish in minutes, it's that simple! Just prepare your content in minutes and publish it instantly.

Share RecRam effortlessly across all web platforms. Publish quickly without the hassle of integration and reach a wide audience. We offer you a unique, credible, and engaging experience.

Conversion rate?

Reduce your costs with 9 times more detailed data, pop-ups, triggers, and video welcome messages.


No need for analysis tools to understand your customers' needs. Communicate directly and understand.

Easy and Incredibly Powerful
Focus solely on sales on your e-commerce website.
Learn the needs of your hotel guests immediately.
Receive prompt health check notifications for your customers benefiting from your healthcare services.
Create unique interactive courses for your students.
Efficiently gather pre-applications for your startup.
Hiring processes made easy. Create and share, that's all.

Great! Communicating with customers and understanding their needs is now easy and time-saving.

Obtaining interactive feedback from our employees and customers during the product development and testing phases is a significant advantage. Customer communication and engagement play a crucial role in improving our products and enhancing customer satisfaction.
İsmail Bican
CEO, Cowealthy

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